The net site will have projects and ideas, mostly ideas. Details to be added as time permits.

Real Stamp size Controllers - 05/03/07

<insert drawings here>

iTheremin - 04/27/07

I had this idea in a dream...
The idea goes, connect a miniaturized Theremin to an iPod to provide a personal musical instrument.

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BOX - 09/26/07

Intelligent Box with speech I/O can do searches on the Internet for all kinds of information. This has a WiFi interface to get to the Internet.

<much more detail to be added later>

This type of computer is possible with today's technology, but is very complicated to to put together by one person. I may start a separate web site just for this and open source the whole thing.

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Salt Buddy (aka: Salt Butler) - 07/30/06

Motor driven Robot platform delivers Salt and/or Pepper to someone on demand. returns to "home" when Salt or Pepper replaced on platform.

<insert drawings here>

Cigar Box Computers - 04/14/03

I have a web page for these at Cigar Box Computers

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